Saturday, June 14, 2014

watermelon and June flowers

The past two weeks, I think I’ve eaten my weight in watermelon! It’s been so sweet and juicy. Here you can buy watermelon year round at the grocery store…but it never tastes as sweet as it does right now.

Here’s what’s blooming in my garden now. Lots of daylilies and lantana and sweet William and zinnias. They’ve had plenty of rain and sun the past week.

I should start sketching the weeds. They’ve had lots of sun and rain, too. That’s my chore for this weekend. Ugh.

But first, more time in the studio ☺


  1. LOVE love love your flowers!!

  2. hmm, just reading and seeing this makes me long for watermelon. Might have to go get some tomorrow .. ;-)

  3. Your flowers....sigh.....and you SHOULD sketch the weeds! They can be quite beautiful in their own way.

  4. AnonymousJune 15, 2014

    I love your artistic style!
    When I was a child we had bright yellow lantana growing outside our dining room every summer, and I never liked it because it was scratchy when we had to go after a ball that had strayed behind it. But when I became a gardener and discovered all the beautiful varieties and how heat-tolerant they are, I came to love that plant.

  5. Such a colorful and gorgeous style! I so love those flowers. And what I really like is your lineart with the different weighted lines. Makes things really pop!


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