Thursday, June 19, 2014


Here is my ICAD of what I had for breakfast yesterday.

Here are things that Dobby had.

Truthfully, she didn’t chew these all in one day. These are just things I have discovered throughout the house and yard. I try to give her things to play with and chew on so she stays away from the “good” stuff. But I guess these things just taste better.

Who knows?


  1. Have you tried giving her NylaBones? Sammy LOVED them and never chewed on anything else once we started him on the Nyla’s.
    Here's a link to the Puppy Pack and it has a vidoe on how to choses the right one. I highly recommend them!

    1. thanks for the info, Robin. i'll check it out. we have purchased several types of bones and chew toys over the past few months. nothing seems to hold her interest very long though.

      i guess there's nothing like a tasty chair to chew on!!


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