Saturday, May 31, 2014

time flies

I meant to post yesterday and time just got away from me.

Summer flowers are enjoying the sunny/rainy days we’ve had lately. It’s been really great. Overcast and mostly cool.

And by cool, I mean not 90 degrees yet!

I found this quote and had to illustrate it. The story of my life pretty much!

Tomorrow is June 1 and that means ICAD challenge kicks off! I did this last year. Sometimes it felt like a chore posting every single day! But by the end of July, I had an accumulation of some really cute illustrations!

I had talked myself out of doing it this year but then I came up with a theme that will keep me going I think. Here’s a hint…it’s NOT cats, but something else I really, really enjoy drawing!

So buy a pack of index cards and join in!!


  1. Lovely flower sketches and your cats are adorable as always. I still keep smiling when seeing your header and the one with the pearl earring. It's such a good image and reffers to such a well known painting. Enjoyable!

  2. Great quote! Lovely flowers! 'Nuff said. ♥♥♥

  3. Your flowers are enchanting! All this different purple colors are wonderful and the orange one makes it perfect!

  4. Sue! LOVE the flowers!!

  5. I always smile at your cat illustrations and love the flowers.


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