Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the incident with the neighbor’s cat

First of all, thanks for the comments yesterday. Now I can find my way around in Spanish, too. ☺

I’m still waiting for the opportunity to say “mon crayon est jaune” (my pencil is yellow). When I visited France, no one ever asked me!

Today’s doodle is about the Tuxedo cat that hangs around our house.

Our neighbor’s cat made the mistake of sniffing Dobby’s dog bone in the backyard. Fortunately, Dobby was inside at the time so no cats were hurt during this terrible event!

The cat was long gone but the barking continued for quite a while.

Don’t mess with her bones! She means it!!


  1. I love all your pet art and commentary! It is such a joy! Actually, I enjoy ALL your art. The one about the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. the other day. Oh, how I could relate to it. Those, were the days my friend!

    Have a glorious day!

  2. How DARE she/he sniff someone else's bone! So rude!


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