Thursday, April 24, 2014

i remember…

Sister Mary Annina, my third grade teacher.

I used to stay after school to help her around the classroom: pinning up artwork on the bulletin boards or taking the erasers outside to clap them clean. Stuff like that.

I asked her once if I was the “teacher’s pet.” She said, “No, I can’t have a favorite. You are my Teacher’s Pest!” and she hugged me.

I’ll remember her til the day I die. She made me LOVE going to school every day.


  1. Great story and beautifully illustrated, Annette x

  2. Cute illo (and that might be the first nice story I've ever heard about Catholic school! LOL All my friends told not so nice stories. ;) )

  3. My grade three teacher was also pivotal in life. I used to stay after school to help too! She would let me take from her special box of things for helping her. I still have a shell and a teacher's guide to teaching handwriting that I took from her box! I think that was the first year that I started to overcome my shyness! Thanks for sharing, it stirred up a delightful memory. Sadly, my teacher passed away last year while I was away on vacation, and I was unable to attend her funeral! I will remember her forever, too!

    What a delightful little illustration and reflection you made!


  4. There should be more teachers like that! Sounds like a wonderful person ....

  5. Lovely painting of your teacher and you! Good things to remember!

    Smiles, Saskia :)


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