Thursday, April 17, 2014

I remember…

…the year my mom bought matching Easter dresses for my sister and me.

They were cute, and a little embarrassing. I was such a shy person that I hated when people noticed me.

But being dressed like your little sister just screams “LOOK AT US!! AREN’T WE JUST DARLING??”

Not something I enjoyed at all.


  1. My mom used to dress my sister and me in the same clothes and people used to always ask if we were twins. One time my two cousins and my sister and I had all the same orange coats, four little girls within four years in age made heads turn and brain sprockets turn.

    I know what you mean about being shy and not wanting attention, I was exactly like that.

  2. But look, years later it gave you a wonderful sketch and something to blog about (possibly something to talk out with your therapist….but we won’t mention that…..)


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