Monday, April 28, 2014

cat fight

Some quick sketches.

You have to be quick to sketch these two!!

They “fight” several times a day. I used to get worried because they look so fierce. But eventually one of them walks away and the fight is over.

Then they are off to the bed or a patch of sunshine to take a nap together.

Until the next fight ☺


  1. Great sketch! my cats used to fight like this too, so loud! Then they were cuddling the next minute. Finicky little things.

  2. I understand this well. I have to keep my blind cat, Sweet Pea, separated from my Persian, Izzie. :( There's no hope for them.

  3. Love all the personality in your sketches. My 12 year old son wrestles with our dog like that - growling and fake biting but with her tail wagging the entire time.

  4. At first glance I thought it was an abstract painting! Even better with the explanation! ♥

  5. I absolutely love this! Your style is great, so much personality :)


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