Tuesday, March 11, 2014

some sketches

Ok, show of hands … who else was tortured by their mother before school picture day??

Every year, until I was old enough to stand my ground, I had to endure the annual hair perm. It was stinky and burned my scalp but I had to put up with it. All for beauty!!

On another note, we now have to monitor the cat bowls. Luna has been putting on the tonnage so she’s on cat diet food. Poor baby.

I hate when they have to eat different food! No matter what kind of food it is, they want the food in the OTHER bowl!


  1. Ha! Fun post. I did get perms when younger, but more because I wanted them...I think. And I can so relate to monitoring the food. I have the same situation with two cats. One chubby, one not.

  2. I remember getting spiral perms in the 90s (twice the number of rods) and I needed help getting my head out of the sink - so heavy! and majorly stinky too!!

  3. Poor you... I think my schoolperiod was a little bit later or that type of hairstyle just didn't make it to Europe :) And the cat! Diet and excersize...

  4. Awww.... poor baby! I feel her pain!
    (and I only let my mother give me ONE perm! Never again!)

  5. Oh really!? Poor you .... And poor Luna too ... so young and already dieting ...

  6. My first grade photo is a scream. I look like a little waif. I have on a dress with torn lace on the collar. I don't know if I tore it at school or if my mother just let me wear it torn. She, however, did not know it was picture taking day and it may have been the only clean thing I had to wear. Back in 1940 we didn't have many outfits.

  7. Hilarious about your perm, "Why Mom, why?" I always had straight hair and wanted curly hair, is my mom gave me home perms. Sometimes they worked, other times they didn't . Fuzzy head mostly. The perms always made my bangs spring up and look three times shorter...ugh!

    Your illustrations are so grand!

  8. AnonymousJuly 09, 2014

    For picture day my mom would trim my straight bangs, and then even them out by trimming a little more, and a little more on that side, oops, they need to be shorter on this side....the end result is the oddest crookedest very short bangs. But the worst was in first or second grade and I must not have taken to looking in the mirror much because in the picture that endures I am obviously a very happy girl!


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