Friday, March 28, 2014

gelli plate play

Ok, so I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I got myself a Gelli Plate.

It’s fun!

I’ve played with it a few times. I came up with a lot of “uck” prints and a lot of “oh, that’s cool” prints, too.

So now what? I keep staring at them thinking they will tell me what they want to be. Do I add more paint to them? Do I cut them up for collage? Make a new journal?

I have started pinning ideas on Pinterest and checking out videos on YouTube. OMG there are so many options!!

I find myself walking through aisles at the store looking at things that will make good texture marks! I bought a few stencils but find I have more fun with things like Q-tips and bubble wrap and string and things.

Ideas are welcome for how you use gelli prints … oh, and what is your favorite texture maker??


  1. They look pretty cool so far! I've been meaning to get a gelli plate too. Looks like fun.

  2. They would make great backgrounds for journaling! Valerie

  3. The first print is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Beautiful prints from your Gelli. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. I don't have a gelli plate or stencils, but I do love looking at your results. The colors are fantastic. These look like the designer papers I buy at Michaels. I'd be using them in card making myself.

  6. I prefer the third because I like red a lot!
    But all are beautiful!

  7. I have done posts on gelli print play awhile back. The plate is SO much fun!! As for your not so great prints-keep adding to them and you will change them from ugh to fabulous!! Try playing on fabric, on dictionary pages, envelopes, mulberry paper-the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

  8. Your prints are great! I love the last one. I have never used a gelli plate. I use the other things like you do also, q-tips, string, bubble wrap. Maybe you just need to add paint with what you feel comfortable with to finish off the paintings although I think they could all be considered finished. They really are that good! Happy PPF

  9. Great pages! Yes. You will not be at loss for things to make with the gelli plate. Linda is right. The possibilities are endless indeed! I've made little simple books to give as gifts and or journal in from these papers. I've torn them up and used them as collage. I've also taken envelopes of all sizes, deli paper, waxed and tissue paper, even paper towels. I've even taken canvas and placed them on the gelli plate. Need I go on?

  10. OMG Sue! You put me to shame! All mine turned out YUCK! Yours are gorgeous! ♥♥♥♥♥

  11. Love the first one, the colours are totally gorgeous!
    I guess using them on a collage or card would really enhance the art piece.Have fun with it.
    Annabelle : )

  12. This are fantastic! I especially love the first one with the feather the orange and blue together are fabulous. I have used sequin waste and bubble wrap. I think doilies, coins, and keys might be fun to try. You have convinced me that I need to pull out my gelli print and give it another try!

    I really like the look of your blog and your banner! I took some time to read your Stuff About Me entries. What delightful entries and illustrations. What great gifts they will be! You show such humour in your illustrations and short ponderings. You say not very interesting, but I disagree. It is the every day stuff that makes you you!

    I love cats too. I couldn't see a place to click on to follow your blog.


  13. Okay, please tell me: how did you get the bright colors in the first one without getting mud? whenever I use cold and warm colors together I get yuck. It's so frustrating and I really want to mix up my colors more, but I don't want mud. So how did you manage to keep your colors so bright? Please, share ... ;-)
    I have a whole series of gelliprints that I want to make into a journal. My favorite texturemakers are foamstamps, foamplates and rubber stamps. And string..... And stencils of course :-)

  14. thanks everyone for the kind comments and ideas about how to use my prints!! i'll keep you posted on what i come up with.

    for denthe, it must be beginner's luck, i guess :) I just pick out two or three colors that I think go well together. I put down one layer … usually a solid color. then let it dry completely before going to second layer.

    the image #4 above is a collection of "ghost" prints. I'm finding that some of those come out really well. very unexpected and i like that!

    1. thanks so much! that might be the problem: I never let it dry completely, I just want to keep going. Too impatient I guess .... (or too little time ... ☺) Have to try again with these tips!

  15. Oh I want a gelli plate so bad. I finally found a place in Canada that sells them! Love love love these gorgeous pages!! So unique!! WOW....whatever you are doing keep going!! These are a few of my favorites!!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. Oh yes, that's really cool! You did some wonderful pages!

  17. i just ordered a plate! I can't wait to get it - love your pages!


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