Friday, February 28, 2014

face 28 and 29

Whew! I made it through another 29 Faces challenge! This year was easier after I decided to work on a “theme” … it took away at least a little of the stress of “what to draw??”

Thanks to Martha for pulling this together again. Bravo!!

I’ve met a few new blog friends this year … that’s one of the things I enjoy about 29 Faces.

So today, I end with the last two faces.

This was supposed to be a hat with Roses. After it was done, I thought, “it looks like she’s got a bit rotary dial on her head!” Oh, well. That’s art … full of surprises!

Then my last face. Simple!


  1. Have loved seeing all your fab faces and backgrounds. Annette x

  2. Well done!! It does feel a little like completing a marathon doesn't it :) not that I have ever run one. I love that. You used a theme. Wish I was that organised
    your work is beautifully drawn with so much detail and charm.

  3. Simple... simply the best :-)

  4. Loved them all. I agree with everyone, the theme made it special! ♥

  5. I really enjoyed your faces this month. Congrats on finishing the challenge, you did great! I once did a whole challenge with only oneliners. That was indeed easier, I never had to think about what to do, just take a marker and draw a line really .... ;-)

  6. Awesome and fantastic! Your faces are wonderful! My favourite is "lady simple" on the lemons! I love her!


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