Friday, February 21, 2014

face 21

I cut this heading out of a magazine. Apparently, I liked the heading better than the article because I didn’t save that!

Number 1 on this list should be: always wear a snazzy hat!! ☺


  1. Of course! That's ALWAYS my criteria for a friend! ;)

  2. I've really been enjoying your series of faces. And the creative backgrounds you put them on. I need to start paying more attention to magazines, a source for text that I wasn't thinking about. Great tip.

  3. I love hats ....I wear hats...and of course I really like all your hat wearing creations...can we consider a crown a hat ?

  4. Love all the sketches and the backgrounds you have created.

  5. Wonderful face and background again. Love your limited colourpalette ....


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