Wednesday, January 8, 2014

dreaming of warmer weather

The main topic of conversation…warmer weather…or lack thereof.

I was hoping to go to the pool tonight after work as my arse has widened considerably since mid December.

But there is a rain coming down now. By five o’clock, it will be frozen. So, the hibernation continues.


I worked on this painting off and on over the last two weeks. It’s a large piece…so it took a bit longer. Already I have visions of summer and gardens. I’m just not a winter person. Not at all.

Stay warm!!


  1. OH! How very Beautiful!! Love all the flower designs, colors!!

    Me, too - I am NOT a winter person. Used to live in the Upper Peninsula of about tons of snow! Now, here in Washington State, snow is limited to a few times a year; whereas in MI it lasted well into Spring.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that warmer weather is on its way for you soon!!!

  2. Thanks for this bit of summery goodness!

  3. LOVE your garden! I'll send you warm soon as we get some! ;)

  4. These paintings cheer me up! Wonderful! :)

  5. oh, how lovely! It's a great painting, and should be hung right away! {:-Deb

  6. Beautiful flowers and such bright colors ... love them. It was foggy here this morning but the sun came out by midday and it warmed up. Our winter doesn't usually get very cold which works for me!

  7. So colourful and bright and bold! Your art brings me joy!

  8. Oh these flowers are so beautiful! I already watched them several times. I love this cheerful and colorful picture so much!


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