Monday, December 16, 2013


Over the weekend, I baked Doggie Treats for Dobby and other furry friends. I bought a dog treat cookbook about a month ago and have been wanting to try out some recipes.

We made peanut butter flavored “bones” and heart-shaped ginger snaps.

I even tried them…pretty “blah” since they don’t have sugar. But Dobby sure loved them. She was my taste tester!!


  1. What a good 'Mommy'! I always meant to bake for Sammy..... (although I did nurse him through an attrmpted poisoning with homemade food for six weeks!)

  2. I didn't even realize they have cookbooks for dogs! She sure looks very happy about it ... ;-)

  3. Oh wow you are so good. Interesting ... I didn't know there's no sugar in them. So you can add sugar to it, then it's good for us human to eat too. Now that would be sharing! Love your illustration as always.


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