Saturday, November 2, 2013

i remember...

Did anyone else have to endure the pain and torture of sleeping on these pink curlers?? Ugh. The things we go through to look beautiful !!!


  1. OMG! The pink curlers! And trying to sleep with a head full of bobby pins sticking into your scalp! (Good times....NOT! LOL)

  2. This IS adorable!! I truly enjoy your "I Remember" series!!!

    And - OH MY GOSH !!! Do I ever remember wearing those pink curlers!! However, I didn't sleep in mine - I just used the hair dryer!! This painting certainly brings back memories!!

    I went from spongy pink curlers, hot curlers, to a curling iron then lots of hair spray. Today!! Much simpler...wash, condition, dry and hope it all falls the way it should...then off I go...

    Have a Wonderful Weekend.


  3. Terrific drawing, and yes I remember this and can't imagine why we did it.

  4. Enjoying your memories so much! I must say I never experienced the curlers... maybe because we didn't have the habbit of going to church on sunday mornings..?

  5. Oh I just had such a flashback!! Yes, Saturday night bath night and hair wash was torture - the tats my tomboy lifestyle inflicted on my long blonde hair!! I remember trying to sleep with my head hanging over the side of the bed because the rollers dug into my scalp so much and the best of it was my curls dropped out within half an hour of taking the rollers out anyway!! Great illustrations!

  6. Yes, I slept in pink foamy curlers! I just had to have ringlets! I love your blog!


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