Friday, November 15, 2013

getting’s not for sissies!

Robin at Pink House Studio asked yesterday why I do water aerobics. I think this illustration might explain why.

If I don’t, all these little aches and pains get worse. Much worse.

Well, water aerobics doesn’t help the hearing loss (I blame loud rock and roll music for that!) and bad eyes (I blame Nancy Drew for that)…but it does help my back.


  1. Here! Here! I'm with ya on that! It is a bitch getting older and it is NOT for wimps! As Rosie the Riveter says: WE CAN DO IT !!!

    Have a fun weekend!!

  2. Oh my, that doesn't sound like fun ....... Good thing that the water aerobics help!

  3. Yes, I agree. Sometimes it's really very stressful! But there is so much humour within your little illustration :)


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