Tuesday, October 22, 2013

adventures of luna

I’m on vacation this week so have a little extra time for doodling. I’m working on a series of drawings about my new alarm cat….Luna.

She is a blue point Siamese mix…but the paint never ends up exactly as I envision. Oh, well.

Today’s doodle is about me “trying” to read in bed at night. Animals do not understand books at all. Why would anyone want to stare at paper?? It must really confuse the heck out of them!

She is always so entertaining at nighttime. I can never get mad at her for getting in the way of a good book.


  1. fabulous doodle! the only book a cat likes is the one she can sit on...

  2. Luna sounds like a fun friend, and your doodle is awesome!
    Have a glorious day!

  3. How cute is this sketch! It reminds me when my friend got her new cat and this little one was so shy and always hiding itself behind my friend's couch. My friend was nearly desperate so one evening she sat down on the couch and started to read aloud a (very boring) book. Suddenly this little one came out of it's hideout and each evening it came closer and closer and at least jumped on the couch sitting down next her what made my friend more than happy. So I absulutely agree that cats love to read :)


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