Sunday, June 9, 2013

icad #9 and a self-portrait

Another art quote.

And a non-index card painting of me with my new glasses.

I found this wonderful website last year when I was searching for frames. They do only retro styles. If you watch 1950s or 1960s period movies, they are the company that provides the prop glasses.

I wanted something fun. I mean, if I have to wear glasses, I might as well do it with style ☺

This year I chose these…in Ebony.

Last year I got these…in Pewter.

Not sure what I’ll be in the mood for next year.


  1. LOVE your self portrait - I'm going to be having to get glasses - maybe I need some retro frames!

  2. Very cool selfie! I like your glasses! ♥♥♥

  3. I was checking out your ICADs...I like what you have done so far :)
    I like the glasses you picked out...very cool!!!

  4. That self-portrait is beautiful and I think the index card is very funny, colourful, like the quote.

  5. I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing all your icads... and my basil isn't growing well either at the moment... and your new glasses look rather cool... great portrait...xx

  6. Wow! Your glasses look so smart and trendy! And the portrait is beautiful!


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