Saturday, June 15, 2013

icad #15 and another summer of color

Today…some flower doodles for ICAD. I have lots of flowers blooming in my garden now. None of them look like this though ☺

Also, was inspired to do another Summer of Color image. Fell in love with the Citron Green and Turquoise combo for week 1. Wonder what the color(s) will be for next week???


  1. Great pieces for both ICAD and SOC! They are such fun challenges! (And they're really keeping me busy!)

  2. they are both terrific but I'm especially loving the citron & turquoise cat!!

  3. Me too! The turquoise and citon combo is a winner!

  4. Sunny flowers, and i love that cat!

  5. I originally came from the SOC site, but am glad I was able to see the ICADs, too. Very pretty flowers and such a beautiful cat.


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