Tuesday, June 11, 2013

icad #11


  1. How appropriate! Panda on Asian newsprint! Very cute! (where do you get the paper?)

    1. I bought 3 paperback books at our local used book store. i normally am against tearing up books!! it just seems wrong! but...since I couldn't read the writing, it's just "textured paper" at that point.

      i did check with a co-worker from China to make sure I wasn't using something inappropriate. He assured me that they are fine. One of the books is the Count of Monte Cristo, another is about a school girl named JaiMay, and the last is a martial arts book.

      it doesn't hold watercolor very well, it sort of buckles up the paper...but i really like the look of it.

  2. How cute! I love this one :)

  3. It is incredible how busy and how creative you are! All these cards are so cute and special! I like them so much! And I also enjoyed reading the story of the chinese books :)

  4. Very cool use of old books! I agree, it's kind of taboo with me to rip up old books, but I did just that this week to make some ATC's! It was a children's songbook and was already pretty mutilated, so I "repurposed" some of the pictures and music! I just learned what ICAD stands for today! Love this idea!


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