Saturday, June 1, 2013

icad #1

Well, so far, so good. Only 60 more to go!

This was relatively painless. I decided to bring out my markers to work on the index cards. If I keep it simple, I may be able to keep up.

Thanks to Tammy at Daisy Yellow for bringing this challenge together.


  1. I think I like that idea of Keeping it Simple! Look forward to seeing more. I like this alot.

  2. Simple and pink - sounds like a perfect mantra for this summer. Love your card!

  3. I love this! The depth of the cones is amazing. They look 3D!

  4. Amazing! I really like your handwriting with the drop shadow.

  5. Last year I found keeping it simple with no rules was one of the things that most helped me finish. I kept out of my own way. Some days I had more time and so spent more time on them. I also kept a few spare cards that were almost complete for days I had no time. The first year I made too many rules for myself.

    I love your ice creams. A great start. :)

  6. How cool! Your energy and motivation is applaudable and your ice cream card is so cute!


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