Monday, April 29, 2013

i remember...

Just a doodle of an ashtray I inherited from my grandma. I don’t use it for cigarettes…now it holds earrings!

Between housework and yard work, there is just not enough time left to do FUN stuff these days!!

I always seem to save housework for the weekends. Why do I do that?

The gardens are coming to life here. I just have pockets here and there where I will plant annuals. I usually wait until mid May though to avoid cool night temps.

I have been working on another illustrated story. My goal for April was to do 2 stories. I got 2 and a half done…so feel pretty good about that.

I’m thinking about what to do for my next 30-day challenge. Better come up with something quick! It’s coming too soon.


  1. Cute doodle! My grandma had an ashtray with a frog and the smoke would come through it's nostrils. I was so long ago!! :)

  2. I know what you mean. There's so much I SHOULD be doing today on my day off, but I'm visiting blogs instead! If my hubby was home I'd try to act more respectable. I too have lots of smokers in my heritage, but no cute ashtrays to show for it. Also no smokers currently in the family. Blessing! Save those lungs, people! ;) I like your use for it much better. Hope you find more time for fun!

  3. I remember these ashtrays too! :)


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