Saturday, March 2, 2013

bird of paradise

Five years ago, I went to Hawaii with a friend of mine. They sell seeds at the airport for Hawaiian flowers, so I bought myself some souvenirs: bird of paradise seeds, white ginger seeds and a cutting for yellow plumeria.

The plumeria bloomed about 2 summers ago and smelled heavenly!! But it didn’t bloom last summer. I was so disappointed.

I’ve yet to see blooms on the other two plants. Here is a picture from the package of the Bird of Paradise. It has started sprouting new growth…so maybe this year I’ll see some flowers!!


  1. Well, even if your flowers didn't bloom, you have a lovely painting to look at instead. I like the splashes surrounding this, gives it movement. A pity your plumeria didn't bloom either, they are such sweet little flowers. Hopefully it will again one day.

  2. I agree with Ann :) Your flower painting is really beautiful and the colour sprinkles add that certain something. ^^

  3. Ditto! I like the 'splats' too!


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