Saturday, February 23, 2013

face #24

Good news….a break from looking at my mug for today ☺ I just couldn’t do it! Tired of looking at myself.

Today, is another face where I used a black and white photo as reference.
Here is the story behind the painting.

July 23, 1959, my great grandmother Grace got her picture in the local newspaper. She owned a Night Blooming Cereus plant and it had bloomed. It’s a very rare occasion for them to bloom and their aroma is wonderful. Or so I read.

I did a sketch and wrote out most of the article in the area behind her. Old newspaper articles are so interesting…especially when it is a small town. The article mentioned several of her neighbors who attended the nighttime event. So fun!

On a side note, my husband gave me a plant about 4 years ago for our anniversary. I didn’t know what it was until I read this article and saw the photo….the leaves are unmistakable. I can’t wait for mine to bloom. The article says they only bloom every 5 to 7 years…so hopefully I will get some in the next year or so. Can’t wait to smell the flowers!


  1. What a lovely story to go with your painting, made it all the more special for you too.

  2. Very cool! Both the story and the painting! :)

  3. What a cool story and that fact that you have the same plant is awesome! I hope you get to experience a bloom too! Lovely painting.

  4. That's a wonderful story! Love your face!

  5. I love this lady. She looks so similar to my beloved grandmother too! The dress, the face and even the lovely lace collar! Evereything reminds me of her! And this story is so lovely! Much better than what you read in the newspaper today!

  6. I love this, so sweet that it's from an old article about your Grandmother. I just caught up on your other posts too - loving your self-portraits!


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