Thursday, February 21, 2013

face #22

I was feeling a little blue and not because I’m sad. It’s so COLD here!!

We were supposed to have ice, but so far it’s only rain. Hope it stays that way.

I’ve been drinking hot tea and hot chocolate constantly to keep warm. I just run a little cold-blooded, I guess.

Well, we’re down to the last week of the 29 Faces challenge. I have so enjoyed participating. It keeps me busy creating AND busy checking out everyone else’s work.

I thank everyone who has stopped by and been kind enough to leave comments. I try to repay the gesture by visiting your sites, so I haven’t had time to reply here to your kind words. I just wanted you to know that your comments and visits are what keep me going…so thank you very much!


  1. I love this series of self-portraits. I think the wood grain (or map topography?) is my favorite, I love all the lines! But, I love your expression in this one. You don't look sad OR cold!!

  2. I really like ‘Blue Girl’! I’ve enjoyed your month of faces so far, and I too appreciate your visiting my blog! :)(I’m not sure how old you are but running a little cold blooded is a real asset at a ‘certain age, trust me!)

  3. Wonderful faces! Especially love these variations on the self-portrait theme. Isn't 29 Faces fun for experimentation?!

  4. Beautiful watercolour! Poor you, being blue from the cold! Hope Spring will come soon!


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