Monday, January 28, 2013

birch trees

My inspiration for these two pieces comes from one of my favorite movies, "Doctor Zhivago." During the Overture and opening credits, we see birch trees on a field of yellow and blue. It segues into live birch trees and we see the funeral of Yuri’s mother. I love, love, love this movie and the music is sublime!
Anyway, I used pages from a paperback book I bought to be the birch trees. Normally, I can’t bring myself to tear up books…old or new. However, this one is in Chinese and to me, I only see texture…not words. So my crazy, mixed up, logic allows me to tear up this book because it is full of texture and not words! That makes sense, right?


  1. Yes it makes perfect sense. What you have as a result works so well :)

  2. The minute the images popped onto my screen that’s EXACTLY what I thought of! Dr Zhivago! Great minds think alike! I adore these trees! (and yes it makes perfect sense!)

  3. Those Chinese letters give it something exotic, much more than if it were just normal text. Well done on tearing that book apart ;-)


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