Monday, January 7, 2013


I’ll get back to the bananas in a minute.

The bad thing about working from home is that it is easy to become reclusive. When the weather turns cold, I NEVER, ever want to go out. Not ever.

And where I live it’s not even that cold. Mid-40s…not like up north where things are measured in negative numbers!!

I am forced by lower back pain to go swimming two evenings a week. But if I didn’t have someone to guilt me into going, I would find an excuse to skip it.

I’m good at excuses.

My husband is the grocery shopper in our house. It’s nice having food brought to you! I don’t mind cooking it, I just don’t like shopping for it. I prefer eating in to going out. But it’s more of a germ thing. I’ll save that for another time… (I’m starting to sound like Howard Hughes a little!! Trust me…I’m normal. Really.)

So this brings me back to bananas. I’m in sort of a drawing slump lately. Winter blahs? Maybe. So I just doodled these bananas from the kitchen.


  1. And they are great bananas! I find that the more I stay home, the harder I find it to leave. I'm an outgoing person so it's really strange when that happens.

  2. I was in the pool tonight and thought about you. I, too, like to stay in more and more. I'm always glad once I've gotten out and about, but sometimes it takes a stick of dynamite to get me out. Bananas look good enough to eat!

  3. Those are beautiful bananas. And all yellow and spring like! :)

  4. If that’s a slump I’m in deep trouble! I know what you mean about being reclusive. I’m just more comfortable at home. And if I don’t have a reason to go out, why bother? LOL

  5. I wish I could become reclusive too but I am back in the office for work and my door is open all day since it has to be open for evereybody who needs assistance although I would love to close it for some time and be on my own. Looking at your beautiful fresh and yummy bananas is a great comfort! Many thanks for cheering me up!!! And a happy new year to you!


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