Tuesday, December 11, 2012

think pink

I had a little time to doodle last night. It’s the calm before the storm at work. I’ve been forewarned to expect a little more overtime. Hopefully it will slow down in a day or so until after the new year.

I hope.

Here’s a doodle of a zipper purse I bought a few months ago. I occasionally want to carry only my wallet, keys and phone, so this is the perfect size.

Most of the time, I carry a purse that will hold EVERYTHING! God forbid I should get a mile from my house without lipgloss or a Kleenex.


  1. Lovely purse doodle Sue, have you used pen and ink? Thanks for the link, I have not seen Papya designs before, they are georgous! I also have a big bag that everything goes into, though some things seem to sink to the bottom never to be seen again!!

  2. Super cute bag with a great saying - Love how you paint!

  3. Cute doodle! (did I really just type that? LOL)

  4. such a cute piece and purse!

  5. Love this! that's a beautiful zipper purse. Thnx for the link!


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