Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my alarmcat

I haven’t talked about my little Abby cat for a while. She has been slacking lately on her duties. Very rarely does she wake me up in the mornings these days.

It’s funny that I miss her old annoying habits. Little things like:
  • Sleeping on my neck and purring loudly.
  • Licking my eyelids to wake me up.
  • Crying that the food bowl is empty.
  • Knocking stuff off my nightstand…eyeglasses, water bottles, etc., just to get my attention.
  • Sleeping on my pillow and putting her furry little body right in my face.
Yeah, I miss that.

She’s getting older and more senile every day. She’s on a special diet…mostly liquids…or pureed canned food. I spend more time preparing her meals than I do my own.

Her weight has dropped the last year or so by half. She’s a little bag of bones now whereas she used to be a HUGE fat cat.

She still has the same sweet face and beautiful green-gold eyes. But her kidneys are slowing failing and her joints are getting more arthritic. She likes to sleep a good part of the day (and night)…but then she always did that!

Oh, Abby, how did we get so old? It’s hard to imagine that we’ve lived together more than 18 years. Where did the time go?


  1. Awwww, poor Abby ! So hard to see our fur babies getting older.

  2. Ahhh, Abby sounds so sweet. Where does the time go? - at 18 that is a great age.

  3. I love your Abby pic, and I can certainly relate to everything you say about her aging. My Mini Schnazuer, Sally, is 12 now and I'm seeing many age-related changes in her too. I ask myself the same question, "Where does the time go, and I cherish every day with her.

  4. Abby sounds like a kitty i would LOVE! (Though in truth, i've never met one i didn't madly fall for.) :) Our oldest cat, Otis is sixteen. He takes 3 meds every day, and acts like a grumpy old man sometimes. But i love him with all my heart and soul. I wish we could make our kitties well just by loving them. Because if that was the case.. they'd live forever!

  5. I love hearing from all you pet lovers! it's nice to hear how much everyone loves their furry little friends. they truly add so much to our lives, don't they?

  6. I have a good cat story to tell you when I see you next week. I have a pretty fur baby sitting here beside me. Love our babies!

  7. The cat picture is beautiful and I send my best wishes to Abby!

  8. Oh this is so sweet! And so sad too. Reminds me of my cat when she got old and her kidneys started failing. I love your drawing of her!


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