Thursday, November 29, 2012

girl in moonlight

I need to get better about taking Before and After photos. It might help me tell a better story. Anyway, I hope I can explain this painting well enough.

In this small painting, I did the background first (blues and greens). THEN I went back in and “found” a subject. In this case, a woman’s face.

I liked everything that turned out…except that I muddied up her hair and clothing. It was awful. Trust me.

Now for the infomercial part of this post. I used this wonderful paint eraser that I discovered at Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff to help me fix it.

When the painting had dried, I was able to erase the hair and clothing back to almost the white of the paper. I decided after I erased that it had sort of a moonglow effect, so I left it unpainted.

You have to be careful with these erasers…they will erase most everything…even staining colors and ink! It’s a good/bad thing.


  1. Wonderful painting! I love it when I 'find' the subject. (Thanks for sharing the tip about the eraser.)

  2. A paint eraser!? Never heard of that. Sounds very interesting I must say ... I love the loose style of this painting. Your lady is gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow!!! This picture is beautiful!!! I'm delighted by the new technique and you did it perfectly! Have a nice sunday!

  4. She is so peaceful and serene - I've got to get one of those erasers- thanks for the information.


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