Sunday, September 2, 2012

face 2

I think the hard part of this challenge will not be the faces…it will be posting everyday!!

I’m enjoying a long, holiday weekend…now off to the studio!


  1. I applaud your commitment for the month of far so good (:

  2. Dropping by to to say Great Job! I can't comment everyday because I am trying to download some videos, which take forever. But I will be back in a few.

  3. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am that you are doing this challenge (I know what you mean about posting everyday, though) - I am SO looking forward to seeing all of your faces - Hooray!
    (Your last post totally cracked me up!)


  4. What a beautiful handsome young man! I love the expression of his eyes. How did you get so much life in it?

  5. thanks for the nice comments!! this was painted from a photo i took of my grandson when he was a baby. it was painted using lots of layers!


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