Monday, March 26, 2012

the weekend

Saturday a.m. – Headed downtown for some flea marketing and general browsing. Several new shops opened in the past few months and I just HAD to see them. Came home with a new purse (from the local fair trade outlet) and some great ideas for projects!

Saturday afternoon – Worked in the yard. Pulled weeds. Spread compost. Split perennials. Wore shorts…it was hot outside!

Saturday p.m. – Dinner out. I love date night.

Sunday a.m. – Ugh. I overdid it yesterday in the yard. My whole body aches. I was up until 3 a.m. Not sure why. The morning was a waste.

Sunday p.m. – Painted a bit. Watched some basketball on TV. I hate not feeling well on the weekends. Why can’t I feel bad on a workday? ☺

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  1. Really love this colorful painting! It got pretty warm here, but today was in the 30's and windy! Oh well, it's March. Spring will come to stay soon!


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