Sunday, November 27, 2011

owl prowl

We live near Hobb’s State Park in Arkansas. The park frequently has educational programs that we like to attend. Last weekend, we went on an Owl Prowl to look for the Barred owl.

Now I’m not much of a nature person, I admit. I love bird watching…out my backdoor. But I’m game for trying new things now and then. So when my husband suggested this, I thought “Sure. What the heck.”

The Barred owl’s call is similar in cadence to “Who cooks for you. Who cooks for you all.” Take a listen here and see if you can’t hear it in the owl’s call.

The leader for the Owl Prowl said that we southerners sometimes have trouble with calling the Barred owl as we are tempted to say, “Who cooks for y’all.” So, you northerners may have more luck!

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